Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Healthy Lifestyle Wheel

I am tired.  Not just from being pregnant!

I am tired because I have not been exercising or eating right.  I am an emotional reck!  I know exercising makes me tired but in a totally different way.  Eating healthy can be hard and money has been tight lately so I haven't had my usual's, as the kids call them, on hand.  Of course eating sugary foods in  is not helping and also making me tired and emotional!  Eating is a challenge that I have to battle constantly! 

These are my excuses over the last couple of weeks "I can't exercise because it is Holy Week, I am exhausted and I am really busy getting ready for Easter.  It is Easter and a Feast so I can eat (insert your favorite food here)." Then I can't exercise but I am worn out because I am so tired because I have not been exercising.  And I'm not eating right because I crave crap because I have been eating crap.  This is a horrible cycle.

Does anyone else see this cycle in there lives? 

I just need to "DO IT!!!"  Get up in the morning and exercise.  Today is the day I stop eating crap I tell myself.  I plan on it but then I don't and I'm tired again and plan to start again in the morning.

My promise is to start NOW!!  I'm getting off the computer taking the children to the park and I will walk!  Tomorrow I will set my food goal but for today I am going to exercise! 

Will you join me?  This is important for me and Baby Niall #6.