Letter to Peter

Dear Peter,

There are no words that I can ever say to express how much I love and miss you. 

My love for you is never ending just like my love for your sisters Amanda and Adriana, your brothers James and Thomas, your nephews Henry and Joseph and baby Niall # 6 are never ending. 

We were all so excited waiting for you to come home and join our family.  Would you be a boy or girl?  Who would you look like?  We all already loved you but sadly you never came home.  I am sure I had many dreams about who you would one day become but I mostly looked forward to seeing the young boy and then man God would help us form you to become.  But again those dreams left us because you never came home. 

Our goal for all of our children is to get them to heaven so clearly God's ways are not our ways. Although I can never say I am happy He choose to take you from us, I trust Him and accept His will for our family.  We are blessed to have you our little Saint Peter in heaven.

Please, Peter, intercede for Mama and Daddy, all your siblings, and nephews.  We love you and I am working really hard to be with you and Our Lord in heaven one day.   

I love you with my whole heart always!! 


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