Why I Blog

The purpose of this blog is the share my journey as a pregnant Mama after the loss of a baby. My perspective is going to be different than many but I'm sure the same in so many ways. I am diabetic and I lost a baby at 37 weeks 5 days so it is a true fear that it will happen again. I know women who have had still births have a fear of losing there next babies diabetic or not!

This is my journey.

On the day I started this blog I was twelve weeks and 2 days pregnant. I trust God and know that the outcome of this baby growing within my is His will. I may have a perfectly healthy baby, a second still birth or anything in between but it is His will and I am choosing to trust him.

 This is without a doubt the scariest pregnancies I have gone through and I have not told many people even though I am now 12 weeks. I know from past experience that it does not matter how many weeks I am anything can happen. I hope to update my blog daily with all my feelings, concerns, joys ups and downs.

I am not a writer so if you are expecting quality you will not get it here. What you will get is feelings good bad and indifferent. Hope you are looking forward to taking this journey with me. Only God knows the outcome!

Please pray for me on my journey and know that I am praying for you! 

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