Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hidden Retreat Beauty

Beautiful creamer full of evergreens to help us to remember God is forever pouring His love over us. 
I have been looking forward to coming on retreat for a long time.  At first I thought it was because it was a time to get away but when  I got here I realized that was only a small piece of the puzzle.

The beauty and detail we receive while an retreat.
Last year when I came on this retreat I was so sad and broken.  I may not have looked broken on the outside but boy was I broken.  The retreat last year was three short months after the loss of Peter.  I was hurting as these beautiful women prayed with me and over me and gave me such hope.  It was wonderful and beautiful all at the same time.   
Every snowflake is as unique as the women on the retreat. 
This year the first night we came together and listen to a women share her story about trusting God.  I loved the first night with all my retreat friends, the friends I only see a once or few times a year. 
Spending to with friends on retreat! 

One of the first women I saw was my roommate from my first overnight retreat run by the Little Daughters of the Sacred Heart.  When she walked in the room there was no way of missing she was pregnant.  I know seeing a pregnant women on a Catholic retreat, how uncommon is that?  Well for Liz it was what she hoped for but she had lost two babies the year before.  We were both wounded that year before.  It was so beautiful.  I had been praying for her. 

That is when I realized how healing this retreat was for me last year.  I also learned it was healing for some many others also.  (No wonder I was so excited to come on retreat this year.)  That night the pregnant Mama just kept coming.  It was so beautiful.  Not as many babies at this year's retreat but next year there won't be anywhere to put all the Mamas with babies.   

The Relic Room at St. Benedict Abbey.
 I AM HERE was the theme for this retreat.  So beautiful and true.  Lord you were very present with us this beautiful weekend.

This retreat is part of my journey, part of my healing.  The most beautiful part was being prayed over with a relic of St. Gerald.  Last year being prayed of was also the most beautiful and healing part of the retreat.  What a gift these women have!

Center Relic is the true cross and just above is Mary and Joseph.
I love Relics.

My favorite part of the retreats is the arts and crafts we do.  (Well one of my many favorite parts of the retreat.)  Every year we create something different but still beautiful.  This year we made beautiful birch tree art.  Every one different and still beautiful.  

St. Gerald please intercede for me and all the other pregnant Mamas on this retreat.  You can find a list of the expecting Mamas here

Please pray for me and know I am praying for you.  God Bless!

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