Monday, February 17, 2014

The Kids

When do we tell them?  

How much should they know? 

All questions we always ask when we are excepting and the answer is always different. 

Well, of course, this time I planned to do it totally different.  I wouldn't tell them at least until I heard the baby's heart beat. 

One day at mass Thomas kept kicking me in the belly.  In an attempt to get him to stop kicking me I said Thomas there is a baby in Mama's belly.  What is wrong with me!  He started to make a spectacle at mass.  He shouted "there's a baby in you belly take it out."  After what seemed like forever I settled him down and thought he won't remember this in an hour. 

Who was I kidding.  It wasn't immediately but at dinner the next night he started telling everyone about the baby in Mama's belly.  I conveniently ignored the comments from him and the others.  Of course the excitement did not die down for a few days.  Mama is Thomas right do you have a baby in your belly.  Red-faced I just kept changing the subject and eventually the questions stopped. 

Adriana was not convinced!

As many of you know the beginning of pregnancy is exhausting.  How is it that your body registers you are pregnant and all you want to do is sleep.  I was always napping the first few weeks.  I couldn't do anything.  It was right after Christmas and presents were everywhere!  I could not get out of my own way.  Dishes piled to the sky, Adriana was making dinner many nights, and luckily school was on vacation because it never would have gotten done. 

I think she just stewed in her thoughts for weeks.  She watched everything Mama did.  Mama is tired all the time and her patience, well she doesn't have any patience.  A few weeks later she got up the courage to ask the one parent who would probably not avoid her question.  She laid out her case to daddy and said so is Mama going to have a baby.  Daddy is so weak, "yes but you should talk to her."  So before I was ready to let her my baby girl knew Mama was pregnant she had figured it out.  

I had to explain to her that it was hard for me to tell her and that we really needed to pray that Our Lord let us keep this baby. 

Now she knows and when do we tell James. 

I still wanted to wait at least until the heart beat but this weekend love was in the air.  I just wanted him to know so at dinner on Valentines' day Daddy said we have a surprise for you.  It is amazing how excited these little people get knowing another little person is coming. 

Now the prepping for the good or the bad must start. 

I will be in a trans for the next 6 months but my children will keep me going!  They are strong too and I can only prayer they except God's will along with my husband and I. 

I still don't know how much they should know but this is our journey and we will keep on riding with the Lord! 

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