Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Doctors in 2 Day

On Thursday I said I would explain why I hate doctors! 
The long and the short to "why I hate doctors" is ME!  I am very defensive (pride). 

I don't like to take the easy route (medicine) although I truly know sometimes it is necessary.  I am a diet controlled diabetic but sometimes my diet is not so controlled (true confessions).  I don't always take my blood sugars so sometimes I am truly ignorant.  There are times when I should be on medication but I try so hard to keep my blood sugars down.  Sometimes I am super successful and other times I am very unsuccessful. 

If I had a doctor that was closer to my home and I liked I would go more often.  When I have to answer to a doctor I am more likely to be compliant.  I love my doctor but he is just soooooo far away and to be even more honest I was just hard to go back to him after Peter died.  Tasks that were not so overwhelming in the past became overwhelming.  I know I know I need to either find a new doctor or a local endocrinologist.  Happily I did just found an endocrinologist.   

My two doctors appointment in two days basically told me three things.  One I am old, my blood sugars (because of pregnancy hormones) have been high, and I am at risk of having a baby with birth defects.  I sadly was started insulin on Friday.  The other two things I was told I have NO control over.

What was my first response when I was told I was of advance maternal age?  Well I laughed (to myself)!  I was never told that when I was pregnant with Peter because I had a home birth midwife.  My doctor did try to comfort me by saying she was eight years younger when she had her last baby, not a comfort.  Thanks for trying! 

I am seriously thankful for my doctors.  I know they are only saying and doing what have know.  I often times react poorly and I am trying to work on responding Christianly. 

Please pray we have a healthy baby but God's will be done.  Secondly please pray that I find a good labor and delivery doctor.  My labor and delivery doctor is only interim until I find a permanent doctor.  I am looking for a good doctor/hospital that will be able to meet my needs.  I have, I believe, come to the conclusion that I will have a cesarean with this baby.  I would like to find a doctor/hospital that will allow me to have a family centered cesarean. 

What does that mean?  Well for me that means I can have more than just my husband in my surgery room (my support help and someone to take picture), pictures are allowed, the doctors won't be talking about their tennis/golf game while working on me and most importantly when baby Niall #5 is born he/she will be brought to Mama for skin-to-skin contact and to nurse right away!  I am not sure how difficult of a task this will be but it is daunting to think about.  Now that I have found an endocrinologist I will start working to find a new labor and deliver doctor. 

Thank you for your prayers and know I am praying for you.  God Bless. 


  1. Can I pass your info onto a friend who is a home birth midwife? She is more than that though. She would be a great resource. She also lost a baby very late in pregnancy. She is so well rounded with the model "healthy baby, healthy mom."

    1. Absolutely! Please do, would love the resource. Thanks.