Thursday, March 20, 2014

Peter's Connected

Last year on March 13th the new Pope was elected.  I remember the day well.  We were watching the election on our computer.  The white smoke went up.  One of the children had an appointment but I could not leave the house.  I had to see the new Pope.  I am sure many of you can relate to this scenario. 

Finally after what felt like hours of waiting to see him and know who he was they announced Pope Francis.  My heart melted, Pope Francis!  The first Pope was Pope Peter and now a few short months after we lost our Peter Francis we have a new Pope, the first Pope Francis.  What an honor!  We surely feel connected to Pope Francis and love how our little saint has the name of two popes.  Now we will wait for a saint Niall. 

This would never have gone much farther than my mind except we had so many people called, e-mailed and texted that they also thought of our little Peter when they announced Pope Francis.  Yes, he certainly is connected. 

Does your family have any connections to the any of the Popes? 

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