Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Joy of Song

Last weekend was my birthday weekend.  We had some friends over on Sunday to celebrate! 

While on retreat Anne and I started singing while in the chapel.  Anne and I meet through a community of brothers call The Brotherhood of Hope.  They are a great charismatic community of brothers out of Somerville, MA, although they started in New Jersey.  Their work is campus ministry and they work at many college around the country not just in Boston.  When we met them they also had a young adult group.  Our young adult group sang great praise and worships songs so Anne and I were trying to remember some of their songs.  When they came on Sunday she brought two of the Brotherhood song books.  (A side not Br. John McCabe was coming to visit also.)  Anne and I sang many of the praise and worship songs together.

Singing with Anne reminded me how much I loved singing praise and worship songs!  I want to sing them with the children. 

The other day when  I was feeling overwhelmed with my thoughts of doctors I called the children up for a jam sessions.  It made me feel so much better.  My hope is to sing a few songs with the children everyday.  They want to add Latin songs. 

Praise and worship songs make me feel loved!  They make me love.  They will be a part of our Lent journey and hopefully more. 

This is one of their favorite songs. 

Please prayer for me as I am praying for you.  God Bless.     

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