Monday, March 17, 2014


Yesterday I was talking to a good friend about how amazing it is that God loves us unconditionally.  We say we love so many unconditionally but do we really love the way Our Lord loves?

I love God but sometimes I am too busy to spend time with Him.  Sadly, I know he is always here with me.  Gladly I know I can always call on Him. 

I, too, love many husband but boy does he sometimes make me crazy.  Sometimes it is hard to like him but do love him unconditionally?  Yes, I do love him unconditionally because God gave him to me to sanctify me and get me to heaven. 

I love my children unconditionally.  It is hardto love them unconditionally because of their lack of perfection.  How silly that is for me to say because I am so imperfect and God love's me perfectly or unconditionally.  Yes, I love them unconditionally however difficult it is sometimes. 
Oh extended family can be such a challenge to love unconditionally.  They often believe so differently than we believe but I love them because I know their challenge and obstacles.  Sometimes it is easier to love those we can see have a lack of faith and love for Our Lord.  Sometimes it is just as hard to love them unconditionally.  Yes, I still love them unconditionally faith or no faith! 
Finally friends, Christian friends, the best of friends are the hardest to love unconditionally.  It is hardest to love them in their adult imperfections.  They should know when to be charitable but I too choose, because love is a choose, to love them unconditionally.  
Lord I am so grateful for your example of unconditional love.  Thank you so much for loving me and allowing me to love my family and friends. . 
Please pray for me as I continue to pray for you. 

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