Monday, March 10, 2014

Doctor Dilemma

Last week, after writing the blog post Two Doctors in 2 Days, someone told me that Newton/Wellesley Hospital is one of the best in state for preforming cesareans.  That is when I decided to I looked up a doctor I used to delivery James.  I will say one of her down falls is she is the doctor that pretty much forced me into having a cesarean with James.  That story is here.  Up until that point I had a lot respect for her but I did not trust her.  I did not trust any doctor/midwives.  I trusted my body.

 I still believe I was rushed into surgery for no reason.  I don't think that she sees it my way but at this point having a cesarean is now my path so it doesn't matter.  I think she did what she felt was the best thing for me.  We had other battles because I am head strong and didn't want interventions or another caesarean.  In hind sight I do trust her because I believe she was doing what she felt was best for me and baby.  I will do what ever she asks of me in light of what happened with Peter.  This time I will be totally compliant.  I am not fighting anymore.  All I want in the end is a baby in my arms. 

Why my dilemma?  Well once I decided on my doctor I had a few people tell my about a Catholic doctor in Boston.  I called her and although she was nice the hospital and I suspect her policy for baby care after birth don't make me happy.  The is not the same with Doctor A.  I agree with their hospital policy and  it is exactly what I was looking for.   

I want a healthy baby to be brought right to me.  I remember not being able to hold Thomas, at a different hospital, for what felt like forever.  I can't image that happening again.  I want baby with me as soon as possible.  Doctor A was also really good at surgery and she was very respectful while preforming the surgery not talking about anything other than the task at hand. 

That was my deciding factor.  I would like to go to a doctor who is Catholic but my doctors from Newton/Wellesley were always respectful to  my believes that was never our issue.  My doctor was tough on me and made tough chooses I didn't like.  I think this is important.  She has proven herself to me. 

When I talked to Michael about my dilemma he said he thinks I will be happier with Doctor A.  My husband knows me best so I may not always trust my own judgment but I definitely trust my husbands. 

If things don't work with Doctor A we can always call Doctor B. 

Please continue to pray for me as I am praying for you!

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